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Jessica Ritz is a food-obsessed Angeleno who, as a busy mom, has to work hard to make sure she's eating tasty, interesting, and new things.


Historic preservation planner/writer/food blogger/mom trying to maintain her interests in the worlds of architecture, design, food, cooking, restaurants, fashion, pop culture, news and local politics.

Note about this blog: When I started LA Ritz, now Ritz Bites, in 2003, not many people were writing freely online about restaurants, bars and such. The so-called "blogosphere" was in its mere infancy. Since then there's been such a huge explosion in the online food world and social networked community that I don't write about every meal I eat out. Things are just fine without more clusterfuckery and agonizing detail lavished upon each dish eaten at L.A. restaurants. Hundreds of other blogs do that. I also truly have no idea how some food bloggers, who have lives/jobs/etc., manage to generate so much content.

Basically I write about details that catch my attention and other food-related topics that I think merit more discussion. But I'll still blog about fantastic food, of course.

Regarding ethics, I don't write about meals I get for free. If I've been comped I'll indicate such, although it's not an issue that affects this site much, and I use what strikes me as honest and common sense.

These days I mostly maintain the site I started during the summer of '10,, which in a nutshell is a restaurant blog for parents. I also contribute to the LA Weekly's food blog, Squid Ink.