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June 10, 2005



I used to enjoy reading your blog, but the level of snootiness has gotten a bit much for me lately. In all honesty- if you are going to pick at the bathroom decor of Babbo, you may want to use a little thing called spell check so your self-indulgent rants wouldn't contain mistakes.


Hey, anyone who knows me understands I never claim to *not* have snobby moments! Sorry you don't like my attitude, the residual fallout from my occupational hazards (
i.e. tile comment), or the errors that result from quick and furtive blogging. Regardless, many thanks for reading (or shall I say, having read) my site. You probably have better things to do anyway. But it's nice to know someone is paying attention!



i LOOOOVE babbo, miss nyc and hope that la can step it up with the culinary experiences. i've had a couple good ones, but nothing compares to the dining our friends in new york or even our neighbors up north in san francisco get to experience daily. i weep.


Oh, c'mon. Things aren't THAT bad! We have much to be grateful for in our fine region. Plus Batali is coming to town this fall! Thank fucking goodness he's choosing to partner with Nancy Silverton in
L.A. instead of some San Fran. hot shot. Apparently in a space that's within a couple miles of my home/work, or so I hear through the food rumor mill. Already counting the days...

Jennifer T

DATE: 06/10/2005 06:13:23 PM
Being a home-bound new parent with no Tivo at least means I can watch "Molto Mario" in the mornings. I was watching yesterday and wondering how you and H could end up in the little peanut gallery. Get on it, would you?

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