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September 22, 2005



Ugh, the only way I could stomach that panel discussion is if it were happening in the shoe section at RK's Prada store. This weekend I'll pick up my new desk (finally!) on Melrose, head to HDB with desk in tow to prevent impulse purchases (which isn't gonna happen anyway), and then hit Surfas.


ok just for the record. i hated the panel. couldn't listen anymore and walked around the cornfield. it is beautiful, especially at night. it is a neat place that some ppl have taken ownership of and that is cool - seeing community members using the space is awesome. but here are a few issues i don't quite understand - the corn is inedible. this is sad. really. i spoke with folks at the planning meetings. second - there are 28 field workers and some landscape folks. from what i gather almost all those field workers are latina/o. it was a bit weird to walk around and talk to latinos working there and then look back to the trailer (where the talk was,) and see the whole crew of white folks talking about art. also there have been urban cornfields and urban farms in la forever- not on that scale and not with gov't funds, but still they exist and they provide food to farmers and their communities. that is a cool thing for a cornfield to do.


Okay, *I* know that's a bowl of mint chip ice cream... but it looks like you spooned yourself up a heaping helping of wasabi!


Heh, it does sort of look like the grated root. Reminds me of the time when poor Charlotte grabbed a whole scoop of wasabi and shoved it in her mouth at a sushi bar. Ali said the incident felt like a slo-mo scene in a movie, and CP then turned bright red and her eyes bugged out while Ali and Jim got prepared to rush her to the hospital. On second thought, she probably mistook it for ice cream.


DATE: 09/22/2005 06:16:45 PM
let me know when you're going to hdb - want to check it out. I'm writing out an enormous check for the new apt this week, charged my costa rica vacation and paid my franchise tax - no impulse purchases for me.


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DATE: 09/22/2005 04:15:17 PM
plus there is way too much going on this weekend. any interest in going to see koolhaas at the hammer? I'm going with my friend john if you want to join. are you going to hd buttercup at all?

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