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April 05, 2006



DATE: 04/06/2006 07:14:31 PM
OMG! congratulations!!! you're going to have a mini ritz! okay, so i know s/he wouldn't necessarily be a ritz...but you know what i mean :) eek! eek! congratulations!!!!


DATE: 04/12/2006 12:51:52 PM
WOW!!! MAZEL TOV! Does Nan- know? She's due in June :) YAYAYAY, all my friends are getting older, married, having kids...when is my turn darnit :)

Have a great holiday and again, major congratulations!


DATE: 04/06/2006 10:38:41 AM
First off, congrats! I had wondered after the providence report of no alcohol. secondly, if you have time in DC to eat at Palena, I highly recommend it, and try to hit it every time I visit the city for work. It's in upper northwest, right on the red line. The whole menu is great, but the desserts really shine--last week they featured banana cupcakes w/banana ice cream that were fab.

Finally, and weirdly, I too am heading to NYC this weekend and planning visits to Lupa and the Spotted Pig--and if the weather's nice, a return to the Shake Shack. It's a small world I suppose...

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