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May 02, 2006



Most places do serve lettuce to accompany BBQ. As much as I like duk bo sam and love most rice noodley products, it's actually a lot easier to eat meat wrapped up in lettuce leaves despite their fragility. Shik do Rak hands out bowls of lettuce, but they're not dressed so clearly not salad, and the pieces are a little too big to fit into the rice wraps.


Nice pics of the meat grilling action Jess! Glad to have you present for the experience, but sorry you were apparently at the smoky end of things. We'll have to hit Castle BBQ for another dduk bo sam experience. I think the food there is a little better but it's harder to do with a big group of people. Rock on!


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DATE: 05/03/2006 11:40:33 AM
I'm intrigued by the duk bo sam - never had that with korean bbq. I always wrap my meat in lettuce leaves at korean places, but I'm a relative novice.


DATE: 05/03/2006 11:22:39 PM
I still have not explored much in the way of Korean restaurants in LA--gotta get my lazy self down there. Love all the little bowls at the place you went in Artesia--though I'm not sure I could prevent myself from having Indian food instead...

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