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August 02, 2006



DATE: 08/02/2006 10:01:16 PM
I had to read that one out loud to get it.


DATE: 08/02/2006 11:29:38 PM
Oh, my god. That's the best stupid joke I've heard in ages. It's, like, nerdy AND snobby. Perfect!


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DATE: 08/02/2006 04:34:56 PM
Dude, you have got to get outta WeHo already. I don't think Canter's area is WeHo, bur rather vaguely "Fairfax District" in LAPO 90036. But if it's a real tea room they should have loose tea, not bagged. So much for teabaggin' cracks. BTW I forgot to mention our friend Javier's geeky academic joke: Why do Marxists drink mint tea? Because they disapprove of proper tea. Hahaha.


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DATE: 08/02/2006 04:18:34 PM
my big quandary: is that section of fairfax technically weho? bc think how much funnier teabagging jokes are in weho. he.

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