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September 05, 2006



Haven't been to the Lodge b/c I loved it too much when it was the old B.H. coffee shop. Tho the J. Gold review made me think maybe, just maybe I could get over my Suaya hatin' and dig it -- if I were really drunk and on expense account, maybe.

Jeff WIlliams

Happy birthday, Jess! Glad that dinner was spectacular!

My birthday dinner at Sona this year felt much the same as yours... You caught exactly how I felt about price vs. service, but when the food is that intoxicating it's all good in the end.

Again, happy birthday! Glad the meal was so memorable. Made my mouth water to read about it.


OMG Jeff, you'd totally love Cut. Start saving up for your next birthday dinner now.

URL: http://erinskitchen.blogspot.com
DATE: 09/05/2006 10:40:19 AM
Don't know what the regs are with pregnancy and raw fish but you could venture to little toyko for some izakaya at Izayoi at 132 Central Ave. It has plenty of cooked dishes including a yummy yellowtail collar. Not a traditional celebratory spot, but fun and Little Toyko's always pretty bustling.

Or you could skip out on work this afternoon and head to Jin Patisserie in Venice for an indulgent afternoon tea on their patio--the scones and clotted cream are fantastic. I'm sure it's gotta be cooler at the beach than it is in the city.


URL: http://www.labrain.com
DATE: 09/05/2006 12:26:43 PM
Happy Birthday, Jess
Perhaps Hatfield's on Beverly at Gardner would be an acceptable substitute. After dinner, do check out Pazzo Gelato in Sunset Junction

I met the owner Mark Geldman and his wife at a party in Los Feliz this weekend. His wife is a big fan of your blog--you should stop in and say "hi"

take care,


DATE: 09/05/2006 11:23:34 AM
What about Mastro's if you are craving steak?

URL: http://la.foodblogging.com
DATE: 09/05/2006 11:25:20 AM
p.s. Happy Birthday!


URL: http://wellfed.typepad.com/well_fed/
DATE: 09/06/2006 02:26:32 PM
I desperately want to go to Cut. I heard they have a steak that costs like $145. I sort of really want it. I'm sure that it must be amazing. Also, have you been to the Lodge, on La Cienega? I've been told it's good. I'm also quite fond of Taylor's in Koreatown. It's been there forever. I think it's pretty reliable.

Happy Birthday.


URL: http://thedeliciouslife.blogspot.com
DATE: 09/05/2006 05:13:54 PM
happy birthday! and the last one you'll ever have as a notmom!

can't wait to read yout thoughts on cut.


URL: http://erinskitchen.blogspot.com
DATE: 09/05/2006 07:21:08 PM
duh...yes...happy birthday!!!


DATE: 09/05/2006 03:52:40 PM
happy birthday jess! enjoy cut, or wherever you wind up going tonight.


EMAIL: jnritz@gmail.com
DATE: 09/05/2006 02:42:04 PM
Thanks for the kind wishes. Looks like we might get a very late reservation from a cancellation at Cut. Mastro's is a good alternative, but that's one of my husband's guy ManDate places. I'd feel like an interloper -- totally irrational, I know. The thought of izakaya did cross my mind if I were to get a group of peeps together, but this year I was too lazy to do that. Though I should, since it's my last pre-parenthood birthday I get all to myself!

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