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May 28, 2007



Wow. Apparently I (or the three fashion magazines I read every fucking month, because I am just that shallow when I'm on an airplane (or it's Sunday morning)) am totally behind the times, because I? have never consciously seen those shoes before. And... I kind of like them, despite my ordinary abhorrence of logos. They remind me of the "byzantine" alhambra Van Cleef and Arpels line, which I also like. Holy shit, add the Hermes scarf, and I could suddenly look like a 50 year old WASP. I'm going to run screaming now.


The trend doesn't seem to have hit L.A. with the same force as NYC. I've only noticed one well-preserved lady in Bev Hills wearing a pair. Maybe that's b/c T.B.'s socialite creds don't carry as much currency here, and flats aren't quite as necessary in an auto-dominated town as they are in a pedestrian city. If the fad turns out to just be a stereotypical L.A.-is-a-year-behind-NYC issue, I'll be really embarrassed for us.


Oh, I didn't realize it was some socialite. Bah! I am always embarrassed when I see cute shoes and realize they're J. Lo's or Beyonce's. However, my recent resolution to start taking public transportation means that I need some new flats. I think I like these b/c the logo doesn't look like a logo to me. it looks like a negative space Maltese cross or something.

MBT Online

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

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