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May 01, 2007



I'm so bummed that my office moved from Culver City to K-town right as the restaurant boom was getting off the ground. Oh well. Personally, I don't think you're missing much at Ford's--they have a great charcuterie plate and some good beers on tap, but the last time I ate there I thought the food was nothing special. The pork sounds yummy.


That doesn't sound like too bad a trade. On a day-to-day basis for cheap lunches, I'd much rather be in K-Town!


I have been to Wilson 4 times, each time the food was interesting and excellent. Located close to Sony Studios, it is a wonderful place to take out executives. However, last time I was there, the waiter told us that the desserts were complimentary, 3 of them. When the bill arrived, I was charged for the 3 desserts. I did not say anything in front of my two guests, but that certainly was not right. I thought the desserts were offered complimentary,perhaps because during our lunch on the patio there was filming next door, and we had to be more quite then the norm. I will go back to Wilson, but will make sure if the waiter offers something complimentary, it better not be on the bill.


I also had bad service at Wilson: a waiter who claimed to have no idea what a particular Santa Barbara wine was like on the small wine list. He also said that nobody on staff would have any information either. I found the prices to be on the same level as Lucques or A.O.C. without their excellent service. The food was good but not earth shattering.
My wife and I shared a salad and an appetizer; we each had our own entree and shared a bottle of wine. The bill was $195 with tax and tip and awful, lazy service. Not sure what's going on. Is it the architect bill they are trying to pay off or if you're the son of a Beach Boy does that entitle you to charge absurd prices for just an OK dining experience?


oh and one more thing:

the waiter handed the bill to my wife while she was standing in line to get into the bathroom. can you imagine a waiter at Lucques or A.O.C. giving you the check as you were waiting to use the bathroom?
Maybe he thought she needed some reading material.

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