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July 02, 2008



It does lend a sense of occasion. I once had the good fortune to be taken to Le Bernardin and I daresay the experience would have been diminished in some way, had I been in jeans. (I say this guiltily as someone who frequently attends the opera in shorts.)

Ben A

I bumped into a dress code the last time I was in New Jersey and had to make do with eating in the bar. So sad. And I've been to a few places in Orange County that had dress codes too.

But while on the East Coast dress codes serve to fulfill a certain sense of decorum, here in Southern California they just feel really pretentious to me.

Except for the Huntington. High tea at the Huntington Gardens is CLASSY.


It's true that dress code seems less in keeping with California style, but I'd think if the atmosphere were elegant enough, it should demand the same from its patrons, because they're part of the experience for others.

Went back to my New England prep school this spring and was appalled by the decline of dress code there... kids wearing shorts and sweatshirts to class! Hardly a tie to be seen! What is the world coming to?

j gold

Several places in NYC are strict about the jacket policy, and a few of them even enforce the tie. (I remember two friends and I all being forced to wear the unbelievably ugly house ties at Lespinasse one evening when we were all rocking basically the then-downtown uniform of black suit/tab-collar silk shirt. You could have seen those ties on Mars.)

The last time I remember being required to wear a jacket in L.A., though, was at Trader Vic's back in the 1970s. Even at places like Melisse and Cut, ties are rare.

matt k.

nice to see my hero j gold posting on the blog. regarding dress codes, I say dress however you like. I personally love dressing up for dinner, including tie and jacket and don't feel bad at all if I do so.

I remember eating with my friends recently at Porterhouse Bistro, a relatively upscale place in Beverly Hills and many of us were wearing white undershirts and basketball shorts! (I didn't care really, but I was dressed in khakis and button down). The restaurant didn't care but we had bad service. Go figure. And we spent nearly $450 dollars too.


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