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August 31, 2008



I'm sorry you did not get in to any of the Taste Pavilions. And your friend is right, the lines were ridiculously long, and when we got to the counter at most pavilions, the default serving line syntax is "This is from ." I recalled that only the olive oil pavilion, and perhaps the tea pavilion taking the trouble to talk about the food they serve. Even at the tea pavilion, the tea lady we had were so soft-spoken, I heard maybe 30% of what she was saying over the sounds of some rock band going on at the time. What business a rock band has in there, I have no idea.

My husband and I were just in San Francisco for a day, but it sounded like you got to enjoy more slow food than we did. =)


Whew, glad to hear this other report! Actually the olive oil pavilion was of particular interest, but it's also among the least practical food items to cart home on the plane. :)


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