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December 19, 2008



I know, I love this stuff! I think I first had it in a cocktail at Slanted Door in SF. Now, seeing the distinctive bottle at someone's house is like seeing the membership card of a mutual club. :-)


It makes an *amazing* champagne-or-anything-else-sparkling-and-white cocktail. I like to top an ice cube soaked in blood orange bitters with 1/2 inch of St. G, and then top with COAESAW.

When you *don't* have a bottle of bubbly around, try one part St. G, one part citrus vodka, two squeezed lime wedges and two parts club soda, in a tumbler with some ice. It's based on another one of those drinks-thought-up-by-bartenders, this one called the Casper, courtesy of the folks @ R+D Cafe in Santa Monica.


can anyone tell me exactly how i can find the folks that do the event marketing for this beverage......was at a saatchi holiday party a couple of years ago and the presentation was spectacular.....the drinks....magnificent!!!! now i cant find them anywhere!!!!!

and i need them!


some damn pretty

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