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February 08, 2009



I've only been to Palate in the waning sun when tungsten light bathes in the inside. Perhaps when it gets dark the place gets too funky? I agree with Citrus - the dining room could be one of the best in the city though the half-booth, half-table setups are a bit awkward.


I read this heading and ... No Shit! Great restaurant but I feel like I have to give a "decor disclaimer" to everyone that I've ever taken there. What up with the 80's pink lighting...? Also worth noting that I've had both the best service in town there and the worst. We once got a waiter with an "oversell" problem - he gave us a hard time for not drinking/eating enough and kept (blatently) trying to upsell us to more expensive items.


too little food on dish


Sit in the back room. You'll have to forego spirits for wine and beer, but it is SO MUCH NICER back there. It's like a different restaurant. We had cheeks, belly, halibut and quail, two mason jars of duck and pickled carrots... and an incredible bread pudding. Two bottles of wine my uncle picked out. They were great, but I'm terrible remembering wines.

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