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June 11, 2009



Here's my entry: Charles & Ray M&Ms.

Jessica Ritz

Funny, just a minute ago Charles and Ray Creamsicle popped into my mind. Er, so to speak.


Oh, I think I like yours better, so long as you spell it CrEAMESicle. That's pretty perfect.


Oh, and I'd revise your I.M. Peach to in I.M. Pie, and make it a revisionist whoopie pie kinda thing.

Jessica Ritz

Yes, it should totally be CrEAMESicle. And maybe I'd split the difference and amend the Pei to I.M. Peach Pie. Hindsight's a bitch, dude.


Green and Green Tea.

Whatever their Frank Lloyd Wright flavor is should be served in a leaky cone.


Yes, good one! Esp if there's ever a Gamble House Coolhaus event.

They don't do cones, but apparently the sandwiches melt fast and are messy; fitting for many mod architects.

If they can make waffle cookies, however, then Gooey Cone (caramel waffle cookies, orange blossom honey ice cream) might work.


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