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December 07, 2009



We read about Sushi-Ko in People Magazine, no less. And I betrayed my precocious sushi appetite when I once ate an entire edamame pod, beans and skin, at the sushi bar on Norton and Olympic.

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Great story, and a look back to the roots of one of America's premiere sushi chefs. Thanks for sharing the tale.

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Its very awesome Japanese restaurant and here i can see the Decoration and the furniture.These all looks so cool.Thank you for sharing.


Good Story for read, I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice Story.

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I like your blog. Masa Takayama is a very popular health food restaurants. I like to eat only the masa takayama food. it service are very good.


Thank you for letting me learn the knowledge, it must be a pretty good Japanese restaurant, I looked quite like it on the decoration, where first class service should also be

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i think your article is benefit of everyone.i could reading your blog ,this is my luck.

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The menu in the restaurant must be full of delicious recipes. Asian culinary just soothes my taste buds.

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I can see here the Arado Korean style Japanese restaurant.It looks very specious and well managed restaurant.Nice to see it.

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The restaurant looks well lit and very airy and I wonder what all they have on the menu. Other than sushi the Japanese are also famous for rice and noodles.

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Last Week, I had gone this Arado Restaurant with my Family. The Restaurant was fantastic and the Service of this Restaurant was very fast and good.

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Many thanks for the article. I will have a link back to this information from our fresh blog. Thanks again.

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It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

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The style and service is different from what you find in traditional Japanese restaurant. The taste is awesome, and the side dishes are great too.

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A combination of Korean and Japanese style restaurant sounds really exciting. It's like eating sushi with Soju. Now that's a treat!

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Asian cuisine is just full of treat. Health is so much observe in every recipe. This restaurant must really be in demand to all health conscious people.

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The Arado restaurant sure looks a very in demand Japanese-Korean restaurant. The food lovers seem to be extremely satisfied with their meals.

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This is just the kind of Asian restaurant that I surely want to check and dine. Korean and Japanese cuisines are just my guilty pleasures.

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I so much love California maki rolled over caviar. Oh my, my tummy is crumbling, it must be really great to dine in a Japanese-Korean restaurant.

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I very much likes Japanese and Korean foods. Very few times I took it. This is seems like very good restaurant for that kind of food.

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Japanese and Korean foods serve in one restaurant is surely a great treat. The food lovers must be pleased with the delicacies. Nice!

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This is why Asian restaurants are surely a must dine for everyone. Korean and Japanese cuisines can truly keep anyone wanting for more.

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