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December 07, 2009


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Any food lover would surely be pleased in a restaurant that is serving delicious cuisine delights from Japan and Korea. No doubt that is one great treat to enjoy.

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Anything that talks about food is just appetizing in my point of view. Especially when sumptuous foods like Japanese and Korean delicacies are the main course of the topic. This truly a great read, sweet!

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will further divide the vote,You can reach the safety of Cairhiens walls

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will further divide the vote,You can reach the safety of Cairhiens walls

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The crew at Arado restaurant seemed really overwhelmed being visited by Chef Masa Takayama. Obviously the presence of the great boosted the marketability of the restaurant. Keep up the good work, guys!

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I'd be sure delighted to dine in a restaurant that serves creative yet sumptuous foods on their menu. Well, delicious foods is most likely to be expected in any Asian restaurant. How much more if it's manned with a great crew?

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It's just time for the western people to try and get used to the sumptuous Asian food delicacies. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if a Japanese-Korean themed restaurant will get a swarm of food lovers.

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The restaurant should branch out by this time, so that other food lovers from other states could try their sumptuous Japanese-Korean dishes.

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Many citizens of America would be delighted if the restaurant could have a branch in all the states. Thinking about it just makes me hungry!

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The idea of having to eat both sumptuous Japanese ramen and Korean kimchi is undeniably inviting. The restaurant is indeed a must dine.

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It would not be a surprise if the restaurant will mostly have a busy schedule every week. It is just likely for a lot of food lovers to dine in a restaurant that serves scrumptious Japanese and Korean cuisine.

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